About Us
Pet Sugar Check LLC was established in 2007, however, their experience
with diabetes came years before when the founder's feline companion was
diagnosed with the disease.  It has been because of their experience
that they began designing a product to help obtain a blood sample for glucose
monitoring at home.
Our aim is to make living with your diabetic feline or canine hassle-free.
Member 2011
5625 Cherry Hill Road     Minnetonka, MN 55345           612.600.6538
This quality product is made in the USA. We are able to visit each site that makes
our product and get a hands on experience as well as a personal one.  We enjoy
working with each company that produces the device.  We also decided to use a
custom LED board instead of a 2 wire circuitry system.  While 2 wires would have
been extremely cheaper, the wires could easily become disconnected and it is not
nearly as stable normal conditions???