Because each pet is unique and their blood supply is different, please do not get
discouraged if, after lancing, the blood does not flow quickly to produce a droplet for

Try reviewing these helpful tips:
Clamp down on ear for at least 10 seconds (this will allow the vein to fill
with blood)
Warm a sock with rice in the microwave (test it first to ensure it is not
too hot); then warm pet's ear with the rice sock - the heat will help
induce blood flow
Shave the hair on the ear if necessary
If after one puncture to the vein no blood arises, simply "unclamp" the
illumavein and massage vein until blood droplet forms from the
puncture spot.  This is called "milking" the ear
Avoid puncturing previous bruises, please click here to view a video on
how to use the illumavein to see bruises
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