How to Use
To watch finding a bruise video on YouTube, please click here
1. Gather illumavein, lancet, meter and test strip.
2. Insert test strip into meter and confirm it is ready.
3. Get feline/canine into comfortable and accessible position.
4. Insert the edge of the ear between the arms of the illumavein,
  For difficult ears: If using "hairy" side of ear, you may want to shave                 hair.
Others choose to flip ear over and use "hairless" side.  
5. Rotate blue ring to accommodate right or left side.  
6. Clamp down with gentle pressure to activate light.
7. The light will illuminate the vein.
8. Rotate adjustable clamp if necessary.
9. While applying pressure, wait for a few seconds before puncturing.  This will allow
vein to enlarge with blood.
10. Puncture vein with lancet.  "Milk" the ear if blood is not flowing easily.
11. Let blood accumulate into droplet and collect into test strip.   
2. Release clamp an wipe ear with tissue if necessary.
tissue to wipe ear